Sunday, July 13, 2014

Monday Memories: Makati

Before I became the self-proclaimed discreet all-around shutterbug that I am now, I was once a wielder of relatively heavy equipment. At the time I managed to travel light by limiting myself to 1 or 2 lenses.

One time I got invited by a friend (Hello Hiram!) to shoot some nightshots from on top of a condominium in Makati. I was a noob back then, and due to that I managed to shoot myself in the foot somehow: I sold my kit lens at a prior time, and only the disadvantages of having a short tele lens with fixed focal length only sank in to me when I was at the site shooting.

Despite that hurdle though, I managed to get a few decent shots, albeit with additional effort. At the time I posted the pictures at the now-defunct Multiply. Well, here they are again, after not seeing the light of day for the past few years...

I was at the time still trying to get a grasp of things, so you'd notice less than ideal compositions and the same shots with different hues. That's me experimenting. Then again maybe you can say I was screwing around.

According to Adam Savage from Mythbusters:
Wise words from Adam Savage.
 ... I didn't take notes.

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