Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Weekends At Burgos Circle

I didn't feel like staying at home. I was going to meet some friends tonight, so I thought I'd go and work out. After a few sets I went out and enjoyed the afternoon. Bonifacio Global City is a lovely place. A shame I don't get to enjoy it during the weekdays. Well, it's the weekend, here I am, and with a camera in hand I went out to doing what I like doing-- wandering. Though, no, I'm not necessarily lost. I hardly ever get t go out and enjoy the sights around here though. Taking a second look shows some things I usually miss out on when I go about my daily grind.

Burgos Circle
Burgos Circle. It doesn't look obvious from here, but the grassy area with the trees at the other side of the road is a roundabout, which also serves as a small park. Towering buildings around it provide shade in the afternoon if the trees still won't suffice. The place is surrounded by several restaurants, pubs and other shops that usually open until late night. Dogs, kids and joggers frequent the area during the weekend afternoons.

Jamba Juice
Jamba Juice. One of my favorite hangouts when I'm in the Burgos Circle premises. I'm a fan of their drinks, especially the protein loaded stuff.

Within The Circle
Within The Circle. As I mentioned earlier, the roundabout also serves as a park. Crossing the street gets you to a mini park abundant with trees. The tree with the round top and three trunks isn't real though- it's a metal sculpture.

Beneath the Concrete Trees
Beneath the Concrete Trees. This round shaped metal sculpture intricately done to mimic trees sits at the middle of the circle. Just around the perimeter are high rise condominium units that are just a few of the many structures around this urban jungle.

Beneath The Dome
Beneath The Dome. Going under the faux tree sculpture gives this view. Blink fast and it almost looks real. it's a dome shape supported by three pillars mimicking tree trunks. Look up and it almost looks like you're looking up a forest canopy.

The Clearing Beyond
The Clearing Beyond. It's from the inside looking out. Take a peek outside from beneath the dome and one gets to see the clearing around... And beyond it the buildings that comprise the urban jungle.

Road To Beyond
Road To Beyond. The path leads straight to who knows where... Flanked by trees, then buildings, and who knows what. Alright I actually know that there are shops there just beyond sight.

My Hangout
My Hangout. This is one of my favorite hangouts. It’s a Starbucks that’s just adjacent to office building I work in. I’ve actually made friends with the folks here. I’ll feature some of them soon.

Below Tall Buildings
Below Tall Buildings. This is the public parking lot near the office. The buildings surrounding it are magnificent. It’s comprised of office buildings, condominiums and even a hotel. The one on the right is the hotel but it’s under construction as of writing.

Picture Frames
Picture Frames. For some reason the picture frames look interesting. I like how they’re arranged like that. The images also have a coffee-ish tint to it, appropriate for a coffee shop.

Drink To Get?
Drink To Get? A customer looks on as she decides what to get. A lot of items on the menu and my favorite drink isn’t even there.

Next up: Coffee I love and the folks behind every cup I drink. Until then, let's get lost and wander!

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