Monday, February 1, 2016

Little Tokyo Afternoon

It was a quiet Sunday in December and I met up with a friend for lunch. It doesn't look like much but this turns out to be a really interesting place. This is as Japanese as it gets. If I wanted any more I'd have to go to Japan. I also had great desserts and coffee later in the afternoon too.

Little Tokyo

Vivid Colors

The Courtyard

Meow Neko


Lanterns Up Close

Christmas Decors

No, I didn't take pictures of the food. If you want to see how Japanese it is, you'd have to visit the place. After that desserts came next. To make up for missing out the pictures of the Japanese goodies, here's a picture of what the desserts looked like. 

Brownies! Among Other Things...

Spacious Room

On The Shelf

My Hat

Overall this was a lovely and relaxing afternoon. I hope to enjoy it again soon. There were others there that I haven't visited yet.
Up next, my first big adventure for 2016. It will take a while to post them all. Until then, have the time to spare to get lost and wander.

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