Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Strolling To Harbour City - Through The Subway

Second day in Hong Kong. Yesterday we had a long hot day, and today was no different. What is different though, is we know better now. Today we had the whole day to ourselves.
Ready For The Hot Day

We're off to a long stroll today. Lots of sights to see, coffee to drink, food to eat, pictures to take... Did I mention food?

Here are some of the sights we captured. Yes, this is my feeble attempt at street photography.

Going Under

Below the streets of Hong Kong is an elaborate network of underground railway and passages. Needless to say, it's amazing and I had fun exploring here.
Underground Tunnels

Shops and Trolleys

Fancy Stores

Moving Forward

Colorful Shops

Lone Trolley

This area is a sort of a hub. Folks pour in from the railway platforms along with the other people just passing through the underground walkway. The whole place is almost like an underground mall.
Underground Shops


Green Light

Moving Walkway Ends

Red Bag

Matching White

Unsurprisingly, the underground passage we were following ended at the basement of one of the many interconnected malls.
End Of The Tunnel


The Giant Woman

Gone Out

 Floral Or Plain?

Crossing The Street

The Gateway

Beneath The Eye

Big Eye Looking Down

Eye On The Ceiling

Intricate Details

Foodies And Goodies

Delectable Desserts

Texting Outside

Distant Building

Mall Directory

Just Browsing

By this time we've gotten tired from all the walking, and it was about lunch time anyway. We chanced upon this place called BLT Burgers. Today we have burgers and beer for lunch.
Tall Glass Of Stout

BLT Burger

Foamy Head

Burger In Hong Kong

After that hearty and heavy meal, we were reinvigorated enough to stroll some more.

Expensive Perfume

Natural Skylight

Facepalm moment: We found the food court- AFTER we had lunch. Shame really, the food on display was especially tempting.
Busy Hallway

Go Green

Delectable Display

Red King Crab

By the afternoon we found a coffee shop and rested our weary legs a bit there over some Iced Americano. We didn't stay long though- Off we went again.
Coffee For Three

Nostalgic Jacket

Crossing Paths

Cosmetics Section

Make Up Demo

Crowded Hallway

Something noteworthy- I believe this is among the most expensive Android Phones in the market today. Even your S series is an affordable alternative relative to this.

Dad was looking to buy some new shoes- He found a good pair here and at a discount too.
What To Buy?

Random Knick Knacks

Random Assortments

I got curious what this crowd lining up was about. It was unusually crowded at this part of the mall.
Lining Up

The reason: Lady M. I'm tempted, but maybe next time.
Waiting For Lady M

By now we are on our way back to the hotel. Nonetheless there's still a lot to see.
Paths Crossed

Move Along Now

Afternoon In The Streets

Everyone Else Randomly

Returning Underground

Take A Peek At Starbucks

Street Musician

Riding The Walkway

East Tsim Sha Tsui Station

Emergency Stop

Lone Texter

Network Map

Drag Or Carry?


Random Stranger

Map To The Exit

At last! We're back at the hotel. We went to the room to freshen up. We're now hitting the dinner table.

Elevator Lobby Chairs


Today our feet were weary. Also, I managed about 13,000+ steps. A bit less than yesterday, but still more than usual. Needless to say, we were hungry. The look on dad's face says what we all felt:

It's a bit of a bummer though- It's our last night in Hong Kong. Tomorrow we head back to Manila. There are still lots of interesting stuff I found along the way even on our way back.

Until then, don't let the fear of getting lost deter you from going out to wander. More to come soon.

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