Sunday, October 9, 2016

Gotta Catch Them All

It was early August. the worldwide phenomenon of a mobile game known as Pokémon Go has just been released in the Philippines. The Pokémon franchise has proven to be immensely influential. This comes as no surprise that a lot of people anticipated and clamored for the game. Back in the old days video games meant people staying indoors. Mobile gaming change that. And for the first time, at a global scale, people stepped out of their houses and went outdoors- because a game tells them to- I find that kind of amazing.

A Couple That Hunts Together

I had a chance to catch a glimpse of this one night, and here are the sights from that time.

Kit Kat Bench

Hunt In The Park

Their Own Worlds

Sit Or Walk

Dinosaur Eggs

Jurassic Park Prop

Dino Play

Bent Sculpture

Wooden Mock Up

BGC Model

Bonifacio Global City

Paths Crossing

Meeting The Squad

Different Groups

Alone Or Together?

Holding Hands While Hunting

Hunting On Wheels

Young And Old

And no, I didn't play the game. I liked the animé and am familiar of the game, but I never really dabbled playing it. It just wasn't my cup of tea, really. This night was a surreal experience for me. Imagine a zombie apocalypse with people wandering around- and having a hall pass to go out to be in the middle of it all.

Come to think of it, I suppose I'm not much different. I also wander around, but with a camera. Capturing things I find interesting instead of catching monsters. There's an adage that goes, "Leave nothing but footprints. Take nothing but pictures. Kill nothing but time."

Different implements, same goal- doing activity you enjoy. I'll definitely still be doing my photo walks around the place. Both in places familiar and unexplored.

Until then, don't let the fear of getting lost deter you from going out to wander. :)

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