Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Nikon 100th Anniversary Video - Utterly Amazing

How do you celebrate being around for a century? Folks may want to take notes from the awesome people at Nikon. They released a captivating, vibrant and lively (some may say even over the top/ridiculous maybe for a lack of a better term to describe the impact of it) video retracing their achievements back to 1917. It even features cameos of famous photographers who used the brand (How many do you recognize?) and significant moments in history all with a lively beat pumping to fill your ears. Imagine Michael Bay without explosions, maybe? Nikon, like in their products, didn't cut corners in the production of this powerful and beautiful video. It's an awesome way to celebrate 100 years!

In a word- It's epic. This intensely satisfying video departs from the relatively serene, subtle, yet no less interesting 80th anniversary video without going the direction of the emotionally-gripping, sentimental, tear-jerking (Yes! For me at least...) yet captivating 90th anniversary video

And it doesn't end there. They also released a website exclusively for this momentous year:

You may also want to check out their cool interactive timeline in the 100th anniversary website here - or just click on History.

Photography wouldn't be the same without Nikon, I think. And the brand certainly has a rich, vibrant and interesting history. I may be on a different platform/camera/brand now, but Nikon will always have a soft spot for me- I learned Photography with a Nikon, afterall. If I'm to pick a DSLR again, it'll be a Nikon.

More power to Nikon!

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