Monday, December 23, 2013

Not Just Another Dinner - It's a Discovery Of Something I Fancy

What comprises a dinner? Where I'm from that would usually mean rice and a viand. But for others like me who prefer something interestingly different that means anything random that catches my attention... And plus points if it has a memento that goes with it.
I went on an errand not too long ago and found myself unable (read: unwilling) to delve into the traffic jam that's typical on a Friday night. Going home will have to wait then... Sitting in a car is out of the question so instead I chose to walk around the nearby building with this café. It was a bit expensive but it wasn't crowded, and that appealed to me.

When I got in the staff greeted me in Nihongo, which was quaint for me since the decor of the place didn't appear Japanese. I randomly opened the menu and picked what appeared appealing to me. While waiting I passed the time making phone calls to family and "reporting in". Shortly after the attendant returned with what I asked for.

Coffee and some goodies
French Toast Tower and Iced Coffee

So what makes this interesting? And memorable for me? At first glance the Choco French Toast looks like tofu. It blows my mind that during the whole meal that my eyes registers it as tofu and my taste buds can't find any tofu but in its place is French toast. I like the crunchy texture too, by the way. 

The mocha-like drink on the left is actually iced coffee. They call it UCC Iced Sumiyaki. Personally it's among the better ones I tasted. I like how they provided you syrup instead of powdered sugar as a sweetener. 

Overall I'm satisfied with their fare. After my meal I relaxed a bit for a while and enjoyed the ambiance. And for the Nihongo greeting? I later found out that UCC stands for "UESHIMA COFFEE COMPANY".

... That figures. I'll probably try their pasta next time.

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