Monday, July 31, 2017

A Week With The Beauty From Belarus

Exotic title aside, this is about the week shooting with the Belomo Vilia. This may not sound like much, but the compact dimension and the very useful focusing scale makes it a joy to use. I loaded it with a Fujifilm C200 and it was a joy to use during the day.

Out To Lunch

Using the Belomo Vilia is a joy when out on the street. The shutter is silent and people barely notice when I take a picture.

Pretty Dress

This restaurant speaks to me somewhat...


This was taken on the way back... The only drawbacks I see with Belomo VIlia and similar cameras are the viewfinder. These are technically toy cameras, so they're not all about technical excellence. These kind of cameras are the cheap and cheerful type that offer decent image quality. Focusing may require a bit of "guesstimates" though, but it would certainly make good practice for zone focusing. I don't personally see this as an issue, since on a sunny day, just set it to F/16 and pretty much everything is in focus.

Waiting For A Message

One weekend I had the chance to wander around. It was a Sunday I think, and this was what I came across. An area was closed up from public traffic by the local car club and there were expensive cars around. Basically a free Auto show I guess.

Road Closed

Take Your Pick

Audi Soft Top

Hello Lambo


This was taken on another day. We were heading to a buffet place (yes, our team at work love eating a lot.) and I had a chance to take this shot.

Where Are You Going?

Yakimix! The indoor lighting was dark, but at F/4 and 1/30 it's enough to get some decent exposure at ISO200. And it doesn't look too grainy either.

Cook And Eat

Walking back it was a hot sunny early afternoon. We were walking in the shadows because of it as seen here. It somewhat spares us from taking the brunt of the heat.

Walking In The Shadows

I parted ways with everyone and took a detour to another route. Jamba Juice, anyone?

Crowded Indoors

Jamba Juice

I got these snaps when I was stuck in traffic. The depressing mood of the images partly because of the tinted class in the car and it was around sunset on a cloudy day when I took them.

Sidewalk Vendors

Tricycle Hangout

Sleeping Beside Mom

I am by no means an expert on zone focusing, nor claim to be anything near that. That's why, if you're interested in learning it, I'd refer you here for your reference, as they'll do a better job than I can in here.

I'm preparing to do a new theme for my images which I'll roll out soon. Please do watch out for #TheStrangersIMeet on Instagram, and will compile them here as well. In the meantime, my day today antics can be found on Instagram.

Also, follow me Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr, and Instagram. Yes, I'm kind of all over the place. Don't hesitate to share your thoughts on the comments as well. Until then, I'm out to get lost and wander. 

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