Ladies, gents, kids, and probably some random animal that happens to be someone's pet using the internet without their owners knowing, some quick reminders.

I'm not charging any money for these images. I'll give you the short and sweet version of the legal looking text at the bottom: You're free to copy/use my stuff provided you comply with the following:
  1. Don't edit it. But if you're nice enough I might be able to give you an original unedited .jpeg image that you can edit to your liking.
  2. Don't claim it as your own. I'm giving it for free, but like free beer.  The least you can do is refer to where/who you got it from. This is the most important here. Don't be an ingrate. I would at least want to be remembered.
  3. Don't make money off of it nor use it commercially. I don't want money to be included here. But that doesn't mean you're allowed to use it for your money earning stuff.  
I hope this is all clear with everyone. Also, I'm not paid by anyone to say anything I ever said here, nor mean to offend anyone. Why can't we all just get along, eh? So yeah, enjoy your stay here and tell your friends too. Enjoy!
If you still have questions, kindly visit the link below or send me a message in Facebook.

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