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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Contrast Behind The Contrast

It's amazing what one simple contrast in an image can convey. Humor me as I try to be an art fart for this post. I took a picture of a friend while she was puffing on a cigarette. This may be the most contrasting image I've ever taken.

Contrasts. I see the contrast in more than one level. What do your portraits convey?

To begin with she was wearing a flamboyantly loud and colorful blouse. To me it was very eye catching and I really liked it. She's a nice and funny girl but the expression on her face and the hardcore way she puffs on that cigarette gives me a "Try your luck messing with me and I will tear you apart and feed you to my pet Arowanas". That night she looked like the most fabulous gangster I've ever seen. One can only imagine the contrast in that. To bring out the contrast I envisioned when I saw her dress I dulled out the rest of the image, which emphasized how that dress stood out. The overall image and dress I think conveys the complex and contrasting person in the image. How about you? What's the story in your picture?

Until then, Let's get lost and wander! :)