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Monday, February 24, 2014

The Best Lover I Never Had

It's unbelievable it's been that long. To give some context to this, I was going through the worst day of worst days for someone like me. After a long battle I just lost my better half. Four years into the relationship she cheated and this left me distraught. Despite that we carried on. Sadly, it was all for naught. In the wake of that devastation I ended up bothering people I shouldn't have bothered, and bothered some friends way more than I should have. 
This particular friend of mine was there when the wounds were at their worst or when the memories and demons of what I lost haunted me. She made the most painful of days bearable. Sadly I have eventually worn out my welcome, especially when I found myself inadvertently attracted to her. Needless to say, that's faux pas on my part.
The feeling was not mutual, however and due to that, and that made for awkward conversations. Gradually, we kind of drifted apart. She's now with someone and I wish her the best. She deserves that much. We're still friends, but not like before. Nonetheless, I owe her. I hope that it won't come to it, but in the unlikely event she ends up in my shoes, I promised myself that I'd come running to her aid. Always, I'll remember her.
I'm amazed at what words overflowing emotions can come up with. During the lenten season she abstained from using the phone or getting online on social networks. That's when I conjured up the stanzas below. At the time I didn't know what fate awaited me. Sad, but no, not really. Hit the jump to read it all.