Monday, September 22, 2014

Harbor Square Afternoon

Empty Chairs on a Cloudy Afternoon

I hardly go to Harbor Square these days. These were taken from a few months ago when I was with my dad and bro. Harbor Square will always have its charm for me though. It's where I learned a lot when I was practicing the very basics in Photography. I practically learned how to do night photography in Harbor Square.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Contrast Behind The Contrast

It's amazing what one simple contrast in an image can convey. Humor me as I try to be an art fart for this post. I took a picture of a friend while she was puffing on a cigarette. This may be the most contrasting image I've ever taken.

Contrasts. I see the contrast in more than one level. What do your portraits convey?

To begin with she was wearing a flamboyantly loud and colorful blouse. To me it was very eye catching and I really liked it. She's a nice and funny girl but the expression on her face and the hardcore way she puffs on that cigarette gives me a "Try your luck messing with me and I will tear you apart and feed you to my pet Arowanas". That night she looked like the most fabulous gangster I've ever seen. One can only imagine the contrast in that. To bring out the contrast I envisioned when I saw her dress I dulled out the rest of the image, which emphasized how that dress stood out. The overall image and dress I think conveys the complex and contrasting person in the image. How about you? What's the story in your picture?

Until then, Let's get lost and wander! :)

San Mateo In Monochrome

When somebody hears the word "San Mateo", folks where I live would instantly think "San Mateo, Rizal". I however, remember "San Mateo" differently...

This is a man-made stream that runs along Park Place in the Archstone Apartments area in front of Whole Foods.
It has decorative fountains on both ends and bridges in between. It's a romantic place. Even if you're alone.

Wedding Portrait

This is just a one off shot. It's from a sepia shot and added some more built in filter from Photobucket. This is a portrait of my friends on their wedding day taken after the ceremony. I particularly like this shot as to how they're arranged. The bride and groom are wearing their gown and suit respectively but they're positioned like it's a casual prom in a setting that looks real classy.

I guess I'm a bit of a romantic with this image for imagining several rowdy kids in a room with their parents generations from now and their mom would be saying, "Kids, come here, gather 'round. Do you know who these people are in the picture? Let me tell you a story about your lola and lolo..." 

After The Event, March 8, 2014

... After a generation or two, how will your pictures look like?

A Shot Of The Water, Filtered

I got this shot of a fountain when I was attending a wedding last March. And by filtered, I don't mean the water. I meant the shot. I was playing with Filter Bracketing (One shot, all the filters!) and applied all the filters I liked on the shot.

In grainy black & white. Sorry, no fine misty white water.
This was hand held when I took it. Long exposure wasn't an option.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lost At The Mind Museum

Okay, so not really lost. Around a few weeks ago in August I was wandering at the Mind Museum with a friend. Here's what happened on that fun day...

The way they make their signs is a nice touch.