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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wedding Portrait

This is just a one off shot. It's from a sepia shot and added some more built in filter from Photobucket. This is a portrait of my friends on their wedding day taken after the ceremony. I particularly like this shot as to how they're arranged. The bride and groom are wearing their gown and suit respectively but they're positioned like it's a casual prom in a setting that looks real classy.

I guess I'm a bit of a romantic with this image for imagining several rowdy kids in a room with their parents generations from now and their mom would be saying, "Kids, come here, gather 'round. Do you know who these people are in the picture? Let me tell you a story about your lola and lolo..." 

After The Event, March 8, 2014

... After a generation or two, how will your pictures look like?