Friday, April 19, 2019

My Quick Summer Jaunt

It has been a fairly busy year for me. This year, 2019 may promise to be among the busier ones...  We're expecting an upcoming happy occasion in the family, and this led me to an errand across the street...

This gate leads to my destination.

Okay, not really. It required me to travel to the other side of the Pacific Ocean.
My sister is pregnant with my niece and she's due to come out soon. I'm traveling with my mom (her second time out of the country, and first time beyond the pacific ocean) to where my sister is - Viva Las Vegas!

Lovely sunny skies... For the most part.

When "Las Vegas" is mentioned, what comes to mind is usually the sinful stuff - hookers, strip clubs, casinos, drugs, booze, all that stuff. Yeah, there's that, but I didn't go there. My trip so far has actually been kind of sedate. For starters, we don't go out at night. So none of the stuff above. 

More sunny skies. The clouds look even prettier.

It feels more like a sedate vacation than a wild party, actually (crap I'm feeling old!) - Case in point, our first stop was a salad place, and after that we visited a grocery store.

This actually has pork, okay not really a salad. But it's loaded with the healthy stuff.

The grocery place we visited- Seafood City, screams Filipino inside. Yeah this place reminds me of San Diego, which is also home to many Filipinos.

Amazingly, there's a lot of seafood here despite being in the middle of the desert.

Take your pick...

Your supply for long distance calls. Especially if your loved ones still use feature phones.

There is an ad that goes, "Malayo ka man, malapit din." Money transfer with a Filipino flavor.

While being here, my body is still doing some adjustment. Being on vacation, I have no pressure to wake up early, so I get to sleep in and binge-watch on the video series I previously missed out on, and even bond with my brother-in-law over Counter Strike: Global Offensive on Steam. My favorite guilty pleasure here though, would be...

Healthy AND Yummy!

Lamb, anyone?

Hotdog! This Hotdog! It's crunch and spicy! I love this one from Dirt Dog.

Shrimp And Lobster Combo - According to Gordon Ramsay

These are one of the best CHICKEN STRIPS I ever had! The folks at Wing King said it was spicy, and it truly was!

... Yeah, it's food. Lots of food, diverse and all delicious. I don't recall having a meal here that I didn't like. And each of them were a completely unique experience.

For now, I'll take a pause here. As of writing, I'm still here, and I'm only halfway through this vacation. I'll be sure to update soon! 

Until then, don't let the fear of getting lost stop you from going out to wander!


PS - 
Stating the obvious, I also brought a film camera along. So far I've shot through one roll, and almost done on my second roll. I'm not worried, as I've brought more than enough rolls to last me here. I'll share them here definitely after I've had them processed and scanned back in Manila.

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