Sunday, August 18, 2019

The Update I Almost Never Got Around To Doing

Three Generations, From Two Families, In One Picture. Find the third generation.
Call me Tito. I've had nieces and nephews from my cousins, but it hasn't really sunk in until it comes from your a sibling. I'm an uncle now in our immediate family now. So I can't say I'm a monkey's uncle anymore because that would insinuate my niece to be the monkey. She's all adorable but I can't share pictures of her yet...

I'd want that the pictures of her that I share were the ones I took myself. I was there with the family last April and went back early May. Unfortunately, the thing is that she didn't come out to the world until after I got back to Manila. So I'll need to wait a while before I can get the chance to see her in person again.

Grocery run-- er, stroll... At Coscto.

Two Moms Waiting

Blue Skies. Apart from the rain that happens a handful of times a year, it's mostly sunny here.

In case tourists would have doubts as to where they are...

One Happy Customer. My brother-in-law stepping out after he had his phone repaired successfully.

Vegas is surrounded by mountain ranges. No worries about your car getting all rusty here.

Though Las Vegas is called sin Sin City, that doesn't mean that there's no place for prayer here.

Sometimes, you can see locals with interesting wardrobe on the streets.... This gets more fun on Halloween season.

Soon. My sister looks on at this playground which, hopefully soon Rayne will climb and conquer. After a few more years.

For the most part life goes on and has been busy. Events mostly at work had me tied up and preoccupied with life. I suppose it's pretty much the same for everyone. Rayne (my niece) grows up real fast as months go by. I look forward to seeing her in real life.

For now, life went on. Apart from my usual toiling through life I encountered some adventure this year. I had a chance to set foot on the land of the rising sun... And Gundams. But that's for another time.

Until then, don't let the fear of getting lost stop you from going out to wander.

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