Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Weekends At Burgos Circle

I didn't feel like staying at home. I was going to meet some friends tonight, so I thought I'd go and work out. After a few sets I went out and enjoyed the afternoon. Bonifacio Global City is a lovely place. A shame I don't get to enjoy it during the weekdays. Well, it's the weekend, here I am, and with a camera in hand I went out to doing what I like doing-- wandering. Though, no, I'm not necessarily lost. I hardly ever get t go out and enjoy the sights around here though. Taking a second look shows some things I usually miss out on when I go about my daily grind.

Burgos Circle
Burgos Circle. It doesn't look obvious from here, but the grassy area with the trees at the other side of the road is a roundabout, which also serves as a small park. Towering buildings around it provide shade in the afternoon if the trees still won't suffice. The place is surrounded by several restaurants, pubs and other shops that usually open until late night. Dogs, kids and joggers frequent the area during the weekend afternoons.

Saturday, December 12, 2015

December Nights In Ayala

It was a quiet night. I thought I’d go out and enjoy the lights. It doesn’t have to be a dark and gloomy night. There are lights everywhere cheerful and sparkling making it alright.

Lights All Around
Lights All Around. Visitors look on admiring the season themed lights, like the local shop customers and the tourists taking a stroll.