About Moi

Nothing is too common if you tread through a life that's ordinary in search of anything extraordinary.

I am the Lost Wandering Drifter. Not really literally, but figuratively. No, I'm not a homeless bum. I have a day job like many folks. But this page isn't about my day job.

It's about a hobby, routines, my jaunts and travels. This page is about my random adventures, and antics, those random times I go out of my comfort zones and of course, take pictures. These are about the times when I go out of my daily point A to point B as I go wander to somewhere I don't usually frequent in. Some are spontaneous, some are planned, all of it beyond the ordinary.

This is me. Alright, no not really. This is the camera I use - Minnie. A 1958 Minolta SR1. She's a memento of someone who inspired me to go back to exploring film photography. It's a bittersweet story so I'm gonna save that for another time. Well, this camera might as well be me, as people notice her more easily. I'm actually shy and socially awkward. The camera actually breaks the ice more easily than I ever can.

So there. Who knows we might bump into each other in real life. If you ever somehow recognize me but I don't know you, still don't hesitate to say Hello. Tell me I told you to do it. :) Also, you can follow me on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr, and Instagram.

Let's go yonder to what's beyond ordinary and full of wonder!

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