Saturday, March 22, 2014

Otaku With Filters

Maybe I'm really down with my luck. It was the 14th of February. But my activities were vastly different from practically everyone else. It was unlike the usual romanticism that everyone adheres to and want to get into.

Valentines day for me was nothing more than another day at work. After having my dinner with my father, it appears to be a tradition that we had for the past half decade already I think. I just went to work. Apparently I was among the few who didn't give a damn (read: No gorgeous date!) due to being single. They say something is legitimately wrong with you if you're still single at 30. I guess to some degree it was true. Had the worst of luck in relationships, but I suppose that's for another entry.

Foregoing the usual tradition of getting on a date (or, for the luckier ones, getting laid after the date) I just went to work. It wasn't too busy a night and I happened to bring along what has been a proxy for a hand to hold (wait, that didn't sound right.. I mean a camera..) so I indulged in one of the few activities I loved: Photography.

I didn't have a model that night (no pretty girl willing to pose for me. A shame, eh?) so I borrowed one from a co-worker. It's no girl but at least it can be posed and won't judge me however I pose it. Two word to describe my model: GIANT ROBOT. Ok, not really. it's a model of a giant robot standing around six or so inches tall. I guess that's a layman's term for it. Otakus (that's japanese for geek) like me refer to it as a Mobile Suit. More specifically, a "Gundam".

Gundam AGE. It's no gorgeous dame but at least it won't complain.
I got the chance to fiddle with different filters. Each one has its different appeal, and it made the activity more fun for me. Below is a series of filters for the same "portrait" shot. Each with a different filter and its own appeal. I took several shots but I uploaded my favorite ones.

Pinhole effect gives it a lomography-ish appeal.

Cross processing lends some relatively
unpredictable color, making it interesting.

The dramatic effect brings out some grunge-y look.
It almost looks plagued with static noise.

Pop colors really bring out the blue.

I really can't disregard Grainy B&W. It gives a
really classic look. In my opinion, it makes
the picture simple and timeless.

It's not ideal, but I guess it's still something to be thankful about no matter how lame it felt for me that I'm not dating some gorgeous chick nor getting laid on valentines day: Not everyone has a father to eat dinner with, after all.

That said, that doesn't necessarily mean that I'd appreciate any less the next pretty girl that comes along.

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