Monday, June 9, 2014

San Diego Beach Day Out

I don't usually go to the beach, but when I do, it's in California...

Okay, not really. My kind relatives thought it'd be cool for us to visit the beach. And they were right. I got plenty of shots of the local flora and fauna. I don't necessarily know what plants are present, but I like them anyway. There are a lot of beautiful ladies in San Diego...

But I chose to shoot the wildlife because wildlife don't get spooked and find me creepy if I shoot them all day. I especially love that squirrel that posed for me and that pelican that didn't give a crap when I was taking its pictures. Some were even teasing me-- That sea lion in particular that had a satisfied look on its face sticking out its tongue to bait me into shooting and pulling it back in before the camera can capture it.

No offense to the sea lions but they kinda stink. And them seagulls dump their crap practically wherever they fancy. I suppose part of going back to nature is having to put up with all that.

At the end of the day, it was a fun and memorable experience. Memories may fade, but pictures have a way of reminding us of how the day went..

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