Friday, August 1, 2014

Sunday At Ayala Triangle

I've never been to Ayala Triangle. For starters, I thought the place wasn't open to the public to  begin with. I thought it's part of the property of Makati Stock Exchange and Philippine Stock Exchange... And, well, not open to the public. Good thing I'm wrong. Basically, I got kinda lost again and had a good time. :)

Whoa. I didn't know there was a park here.

Today I wasn't alone though. I got a chance to meet up with Hani (Her blog here) and we got a chance to take some pictures. She's fairly new to photography so I got to show her the ropes. (Yes, I teach basic photography to anyone who asks or wants to know. It's a me thing I guess.)

I never actually imagined that there'd be a grassy park here. LOL

She uses her left eye. Just like yours truly.  It can be awkward at times but you'll get used to it.

The closer you get the more delectable it looks.

Yes, I'm shooting some creepy doll figures again. Different effects in the gallery.

I don't know what tree this is but I like it. Notice how it branches out early on instead of having the trunk go up high first.

When was the last time you looked up and saw leaves and branches giving you shade instead of a roof or other buildings?

Look at this tile! Look at it.

Yeah they put a park here. They indeed made it happen.

Alone Together

Add some deep inspirational quote there somewhere...

This appears to me like a metaphor for something. I can't find the words to describe it though.

Makati City 1980. Ok, not really. I like the retro look though.

If I add everything here the whole thing will be too long. Here's the gallery for the pictures from this day.

At the end of the afternoon we parted ways. She went on to attend to some affairs, and I went to attend my afternoon affairs (Read: SLEEP. I was up all night.) Next time, we'll talk about equivalence, composition, among other things I guess.
Take note, not all of the effects here are from camera filters. I was also trying out the impressive list of effects from Photobucket.

There we go. That was a fun weekend. I should do that and go out more often. Until next time, let's get lost and wander. :)

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