Sunday, September 7, 2014

Lost At The Mind Museum

Okay, so not really lost. Around a few weeks ago in August I was wandering at the Mind Museum with a friend. Here's what happened on that fun day...

The way they make their signs is a nice touch.

It was a pleasant Sunday morning. My friend and I agreed to hang out at the Mind Museum in BGC. I got there a bit early so I wandered a bit near the play ground and hung out at the Founders' Place.

Founders' Place

The Founders' Place is a spot dedicated to the generous sponsors who helped make the
Mind Museum a reality. So if you're ever there, spare a thought for them. :)

When you get in, you get greeted by Aedi. Don't be a snob and say "Hi!"

At the time we were lucky. They had an Animal Show that started shortly after we arrived. They were featuring several animals there. Some of them were lovable and desirable, some, I wouldn't dare be alone on the same room with. I've posted some of the pictures below for each animal, and the rest of the pictures can be found in the slide show. You're free to use the pictures for any non-profit means as long as you credit me for it.

We were fortunate when we came in at the time. They were having this little animal show. Animal appearances don't happen daily.

I officially agree- Hedgehogs are cute!

This owl has been giving everyone dirty looks! LOL!

Rabbits are adorable too. But sadly I can't say the same about the Porcupine. This in particular looks like a rat without a tail.

They featured huge lizards too. This one in particular is nothing like the Geckos you find at home. I'm glad I have a tele lens. I don't want to get anywhere near this thing.

Tortoise, anyone? This little guy is cute. Except that he does nothing but drink, eat, sleep, urinate and defecate all day.

Imagine having this guy own your living room. Have fun picking up after it. :)

Uh, no. This Burmese Python is the stuff of nightmares. Beautiful creature, but no less terrifying to me.

I wouldn't dare to be in the same room as this serpent if there was no expert supervising.

After that animal show, we went off to check out the exhibits. Two floors with multiple areas on each floor, it's a fun place to be for kids and kids at heart.

What's IN your brain?

In case you're not sure how big Whale Sharks can be, consider this life-sized replica as a reference. My friend is around 5'5" tall. More or less.

Yes they have dinosaurs here. They have updated models too (i.e. Feathers on raptors instead of scales as previously believed.). More on this later.

After the dinosaur exhibit we went to the other areas as well... My personal favorite is actually the Astronomy section. But that's just me. The other areas can be as interesting too. Depending on which area of study you like.

So this guy in white was hitting on my friend.
She agreed to give him her cellphone number in exchange for a photo op. :)

Robot lander, anyone?

Can you look any more dazzling? The ceiling was inspired by the dress. Or was it the other way around? Well, they match nonetheless.

Beware the spinning vortex. You will get dizzy.

Wouldn't it be coll if you have a pod like this at home? Just for watching TV or playing videogames. I'd play flight simulators on it.

Music while you move-- these stairs play notes that vary depending where you step on.

You think you're having a bad hair day? Think again.

We also had another animal that was particularly willing to pose for us.

I'm ready for my close up!

We got mooned by a dinosaur.

Do Not Touch - Oh you mean like this?

My friend gets hit on by guys a lot. Even this guy is getting in on the act.

Overall it was a day well spent. It was fun and memorable. That close encounter with the Python wasn't something I'd easily forget. I have lots of other images in this slide show i haven't included. Feel free to browse.

More information about The Mind Museum can be found here.

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