Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Night At The Park

It was a bit of a  lonely night. I didn't feel like going through my usual routine and was up for exploring something different.

Under a cloudy moonlit night below the towering monstrosities I gazed upon the sky and mused to myself...
"I'm hungry. Gotta get dinner." 

Along 28th street in the corner of 7th avenue I stumbled upon a cozy place. It was 8 in the evening and I was feeling hungry. I parked at a parking lot on 9th avenue along 28th street. After dinner I was refreshed and nourished... But I didn't feel like going home yet.

This is what I stumbled upon. The night was young and I fancied a short walk. So why not?

The BGC area is having new developments and is among the growing communities in Metro Manila. construction sites like this are a common backdrop you see every now and then.

At first I was wondering what this is about.
Apparently joggers use it for stair-related exercises.

It looks like a nice hangout for some quiet time. Especially when it's not at a crowded time.

What I noticed is the abundant presence of these fire hydrants. I wonder what's up with that...

Looking closer they don't look real either. Just for aesthetics I guess?

I guess this little distraction is something for the kids to play with.

It'd make sense since beside it is a playground. A considerable portion is a playground.

Fancy a game? I wouldn't have minded it but I'd look silly playing this game alone.

The last time I played this was back at elementary school. Sigh I feel old now.

There's also some playground stuff for the toddlers and little kids. Don't play without adult supervision, kids!

Oh right. There's the parking lot across the street. I think I've walked enough to digest dinner and unwind.

I felt that I had my fill of walking that night. Not bad a way to spend a holiday. It was the 2nd of November (2014). I suppose that's why there was hardly any crowd here. Not bad I suppose. Until then, let's get lost and wander! :-)

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