Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Around Belmont

I may, for sometime, have been raving about how I love being in San Mateo, CA. But for a time before that, for a couple months or so, lodging in San Mateo wasn't available for us. For the time being, we were living in its neighboring city, Belmont, CA. It was May of 2012...

The Oracle compound. Belmont, CA.

At the end of the day after work we'd hit highway 101 going south from Fashion Island Boulevard and exit at Ralston Ave., head towards Marine Parkway and from a distance see the magnificent Oracle compound. Notice how their buildings resemble the schematic symbol for a database: Round cylinders. At the intersection we take a right at Shoreway Rd. After a short curve we take a left at Sem Lane and we arrive at our home away from home- the Extended Stay hotel in the area. It's not exactly 5-star accommodation (I now realize how silly I sounded asking about how much to tip the bellhop. Thing is, such hotels don't have one.), but it's actually a nice place. Fairly complete amenities for everyday stuff. 

Our home away from home- Extended Stay America.

Usually our work ends around 4PM or 5PM tops. After work before turning in for the night if I don't feel too tired I usually go out and explore the nearby areas. It's actually a quiet and interesting place. With a camera in hand I go out on a walk. Sometimes, I'm stuck with chores though. Which is still good. Everything is new to me.

Laundry Room. Yes it may seem mundane but it's here that for the first time in my life I have operated a coin-op washer and dryer. The place is decently maintained and there are some interesting brochures as well.

Feel like exploring but don't know where to go? This may help.

Here's some stuff I saw while exploring the area... I got as far as discovering a nature trail, which would've been suitable for a good jog, a Nob Hill Foods in the area where we get our groceries and got to walk around the Electronic Arts campus as well. (Nope. No pictures of those. I haven't had my camera yet at the time.)

Shoreway Rd beside highway 101.

Around the area we're in the place has a lot of stuff like this. Looking back, I regret not taking advantage of this. But then again, I'm not comfortable in the idea of working out in public.

Pull Up Rings? I don't really know how to use these things. They look interesting to me in pictures though.

The 8PM lawn shower. Yes. 8PM. Sunset is around 8:45 PM on May. For the first month or so that really messed with my body clock. It's 7 PM and I'm taking an "evening walk" but it looks like a bright afternoon. As the weeks progressed the days became shorter and more "normal" for me. It was a very interesting experience while it lasted though.

I took this picture by around July already... Sunset.. at 08:17 PM. To someone like me that has been so used to seeing sunset at around 6 PM, this is surreal.

This path leads to a nature trail. It lets me go "off road" on my evening walks. I'm glad I didn't encounter any snakes or anything as dangerous.

Here are the rest of the stuff I have:

Until then, let's get lost and wander! :)

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