Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lost At Nuvali

I've been recently going through some very sad days. But that's for another entry. March has been morose a month for me, and I needed to somehow distance myself from the blues and even for a fleeting moment and get away. And so I went and pursued some jaunts that I've been planning to do with someone, which I ended up doing it by myself. Down south is this place I've heard about but haven't really visited. It's called Nuvali.

The place is more vast than I thought... Lots of vacant grasslands and a lovely lagoon.
Strolling in here is a walk in a park. ;)

Nuvali is a recently developed piece of real estate that now has a growing community, and commercial establishments. When I visited there, I was hanging out at the parks area and the restaurants. (Okay, also, I had no idea about the place. For a time I was kind of lost.)

The whole place looks interesting to me, and it's something I'd recommend to folks who'd wanna take a long walk in the park. Yes, there are nice places in Metro Manila too but sadly, all that air pollution doesn't exactly make it encouraging to walk around. I would wanna spend more weekends here.

Waiting sheds for commuters. These are the most elegant I've seen by far.

The good thing about the place is that there's not too many public vehicles going around.

Lovely blue skies.
I'm rendering this as simulated Velvia film. Fuji wannabe. :p

Visitors get the option to feed the fishes.

Yes, you can get real close with the fishes. Try to not jump in.
A man and his kids feeding the fishes.
Just look at these hungry critters.
Trivia! The fishes are a kind of carp called Koi, originally bred in Japan. Also, Koi also means LOVE in nihongo. 

Wouldn't it be romantic to find the koi of your life while standing at the edge of the lagoon watching koi and the activity you have in common is watching koi?
(BA DUM TSS!) ... Ugh I should leave trying to be funny to the comedians.

You can do other things as well. For a fee of course.

Safety first. Just in case your child decides to swim with the fishes.
Them koi look purty after all...

What do these koi say? Omnomnomnom...

Alright here's my ride back to Metro Manila. Okay, no, not really. This thing roams around the place. You can hop in for a fee. I know they have a station or stopover somewhere.

And I went back to Metro Manila... Then again, I didn't. 

I had other plans, rather than ending the day and going back to reality. I wanted to go to that interesting fun place on a mountainside with someone but things changed, and it'll no longer happen. Ever. It's not ideal, but I guess it's better than not happening at all. Better to wear myself out discovering interesting things than calling it quits for the day and be blue all night after all, right?

I indeed enjoyed my afternoon at Nuvali. But the day doesn't end there though... To be continued in my next entry.

Also, for more information about Nuvali:

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