Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Big Wheel At The Cliffside

I've seen that beautiful place and I found some temporary silence as I went on. But the mind wasn't at peace as some questions lingered on. Perhaps further towards the mountains I may find, not necessarily answers but some temporary respite to the boggled mind. And so I went to visit that big wheel on the cliff side. Yes, this is where I went after I wandered off to Nuvali.

And so I ended up here. Because reasons. I once promised a girl we'd go here. I'd never make a girl a promise I know I can't keep. Then again, I never had the chance to keep this promise.

Instead of going straight home after visiting Nuvali, my discontent drove me to go further and farther. I drove up to the hills up the inclines and went on and on until I found the junction at the end of the road and turned right. This time I went to Tagaytay. I drove further up the incline and bending roads until I found the place.

The place seemed fun and lovely. But it was already night and I wasn't in the mood to subject myself to gravitational forces, let alone pay to have that happen to me, so I settled for finding a spot with a good view. Maybe someday I'd have a compelling reason to enjoy the attraction, but for now I'd look silly trying to enjoy the rides alone.

I managed to find a spot among the restaurants that had a good view. Some decent food and a good view. Sounds decent an evening for me. While I was relaxing looking at the rides I feel the cool breeze and hear people screaming and enjoying the rides. It makes me wonder, when was the last time that I was at an amusement park?

This was taken right from where I was sitting. Not bad a view I think.

View from where I'm sitting. Taken with my ever favorite lens. I love it for all its distortion and wide angle of view. Quite sharp too. This was taken with slow shutter hence the relatively bright image and the motion blur of the slow moving ferris wheel.

It's a Monday night but there are still quite a lot of folks enjoying the rides.

Taken with my other favorite lens, the Sigma 30mm 2.8. The wheel changes color every few seconds. The shutter speed was also fast enough to freeze the slow turning wheel.

Caught this one while it's in the middle of changing colors.

I had some peace somehow that I got here. Like I mentioned earlier, I once told someone that we're going to this place. However we haven't made it since she had sudden errands-- we had to pick up her dog from the groomers. I planned to make it happen but I never had the chance to do so. I guess this is me trying to keep somehow some little broken vow. It wasn't just some lofty promise, it was a commitment in my part after all.

I'm about to head back home... But I still needed to make one last stop. For memories. And a habit to keep.

The ride goes on...

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