Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fiddling Around Filinvest City

I got lost here... And didn't even know it. This wasn't the mall I was looking for. But I'm still glad I ended up here anyway.

Purple Frames
Purple Frames. I'm not sure what this was about but the sculpture there at the center was certainly eye catching. It's both simple and artsy. I like it.

As some may have probably guessed, I don't go to Alabang often. I had an errand I needed to go to after lunch, and I was a tad crazy enough to try my luck going to Alabang Town Center for lunch unaided by GPS and based only on what I remembered on the map. Well, this is where I ended up. And it's not necessarily a bad thing. I actually enjoyed my short stay here.

Framed View
Framed View. Well, in this case, the frames are the view. Their color of choice really stands out from the rest. It even contrasts the sky above.

Underwater. Those yellow dot things are either lights or sprinklers,
which I reckon are only activated during the weekend.

In Monochrome
In Monochrome. Signs of fading and cracking from the elements are visible even in the absence of colors. Perhaps a repaint is in order soon?

Kanin Club
Kanin Club. While I was wandering around I stumbled upon this cozy place. I'd recommend it to anyone into Filipino cuisine.

So Filipino
So Filipino. Note the lovely Filipino-themed decor. If that doesn't scream Filipino cuisine, I don't know what does.

The Small Things
The Small Things. I like how the theme goes as far as even including the small things. The native motif goes even into the table texture.

It doesn't end here though. After my errand I went somewhere else. To be continued...

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