Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Quiet Coffee Nights

Not every night is a restful night for someone used to staying up late at night. When it's my night off and I'm having a bout of insomnia, I tend to go out. And so here I wander again. Here are a few shots I have from some nights I've been out.
Up For A Long Night
Up For A Long Night. A customer sifts through his documents getting ready to work through the night... Or at least until the coffee shop closes.

Company For The Night
Company For The Night. Another quiet night. I somehow appreciate it.
And it helps to have some nice music and a good cup of coffee.

When was the last time you admired the wall decors?

Where Coffee Came From
Where Coffee Came From. I think it's an appropriate image for the place. While you're sipping your favorite java, spare a thought for those that harvested them.

The Spot That Sees All
The Spot That Sees All. I think that seat there is the best seat in
the whole room. It has a good view of everyone but if you sit there
you don't necessarily stand out.

Awkward Corner
Awkward Corner. The door at the rightmost side is an emergency exit. The bright area at the center is the kitchen/storage/etc. It's not ideal but I think it kinda works somehow.

Floating Rods
Floating Rods. I am fond of these. They look amazing and surreal.
I guess they're a challenge to clean and maintain though.

For more up to date photos of what I've been doing and where I've been, follow me on Instagram. Yes, I have a life outside this blog. Also, you can follow my photostream on Flickr.

Until then, let's get lost and wander. :-)

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