Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Steel Stallions Of Alabang Town Center

Horses made of wire, roaming around the place. I watched them all afternoon to my heart's desire.

Playing In The Shrubs
Playing In The Shrubs. These steel sculptures almost look alive when shot in monochrome.

Okay, not really. They're just sculptures. Life like sculptures on exhibit all over the place. I was not about to let my day end without going where I wanted to explore. So, after my errand I was feeling a tad adventurous. I was in the neighborhood, the day was still young and the sun was still up. Hmm, I was feeling a little hungry too. Off I go then. I've taken quite a few pictures, so I decided to segregate them. This one's for these lovely stallions. I salute the artist/s that brought them to life. Stellar work on their part.

In Vivid Color
In Vivid Color. It almost looks sci-fi when you see these in color. Imagine these steel things prancing around.

Wild Mane
Wild Mane. I don't recall seeing two horses looking the same. Almost each of these sculptures have their own personalities.

Here And There
Here And There. There's one area there in Alabang Town Center where there's an open alley surrounded by shops left and right... And a sight of this in between.

Brown Stallion
Brown Stallion. One of the more photogenic ones, Some can be downright creepy in the wrong lighting though. Like this guy:

Up Close And Personal
Up Close And Personal. I like the small details on these things. Notice how intricately the wires were bent and welded to take shape and form.

In Action
In Action. It wasn't really moving. But this one gives me an impression like it's about to jump out of its spot and go wild. I remind myself that this is just some well made bent, welded and painted pieces of wire.

Almost Alive
Almost Alive. Shooting in black and white gives this particular sculpture a surreal sense of almost being alive. Must be the closely welded wires that makes it look so well put together.

Another Mugshot
Another Mugshot. Even this close it gives me a sense like I'm shooting the real one.

Three Quarter View
Three Quarter View. If only shooting real horses were this easy. I like how convincing the mane is on this one.

Contrasting Twins
Contrasting Twins. The black one is simply majestic with that mane. The other one looks like a mule to me. But I won't mess with it. When the night falls, it turns into this thing:

Majestic In Color
Majestic In Color. The mane on this one is simply regal. It almost looks like a rockstar. Pepe Smith perhaps?

Swirly Horsey
Swirly Horsey. This one is rendered a bit differently. Instead of the finer wires, some swirling fettuccine-like metal was used. Reminds me of what they did with that Bruno Mars "Just The Way You Are" video. Instead of a tape from a cassette. this one's purely metal.

Prancing At Dusk
Prancing At Dusk. As the sun begins to set and the artificial lights take over, the more life like these things appear to become.

Up Close
Up Close. I can't help but want to take a ride. This one in particular looked inviting. Alas! Common sense takes over. It's not a horse. Just some wires...

The Nostril
The Nostril. I've never been this close to a real horse. Unlike these things where I can shoot through the nostrils up close, real horses would feel harassed and give me a good kick. I reckon that'd hurt big time.

Coming soon: Random pictures. Bleeding colors. Monochrome. Fisheye shots. And a lovely place I stumbled upon inside a bookstore.

Until then, let's get lost and wander!

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