Thursday, June 18, 2015

Afternoon At The Town Center

How time flies... It's already been more than a month since I've been there. I've posted earlier the Stallions as a separate entry because I found them to be unique and I had more than enough pictures of them to make a separate entry. I haven't seen any mall with such decorations. At least not yet. But they're not the only ones I took a picture of. It was a lovely afternoon after all and there were lots to see. At least for me.

Stairs Towards Interesting Things
Stairs Towards Interesting Things. It was around mid afternoon at the time. It wasn't too bright nor the light was any dramatic. These unassuming stairs don't look like much but it's after going through them that I found some fun things. Horse sculptures, among others.

There was actually more to the place than just some artsy metal animals. I spent the better part of the afternoon exploring the place as I  haven't been here before. I found myself enjoying it like it was the urban version of cave exploration. I suppose it's my way of taking a hike.

Beneath The Cerulean Sky
Beneath The Cerulean Sky. After photographing a few sculptures I was getting a bit thirsty. after queuing to get my drink at a local coffee place, which was, unbelievably crowded in contrast to what I saw from the outside, I went out to sit at the chairs in front of the shop. I looked up and saw this view. Humidity aside, it was a lovely afternoon.

Misty Halls
Misty Halls. The exterior doesn't look crowded in contrast to the coffee shop I went to. This is common among malls in the country. Some folks go to the mall for the air-conditioning. Beyond this almost empty place is the mall interior, which is full of shoppers, among others. The sunlight reflects the dust in the air giving this dreamy mood. That, along some post processing to bring it all out.

Corte De Las Palmas
Corte De Las Palmas. Right at the middle of the mall is this lovely place. I find it refreshing to be here among the foliage. It's a lovely afternoon here with kids playing around. It helps my mood that it wasn't crowded.

Watching Rides
Watching Rides. Stepping closer one can see that even this area is a commercial space. There is a coffee shop here and the space in the park is shared with kiddie rides among other things. The guy in blue is a Timezone personnel minding the rides that get rented out to the kids. I suppose it's a slow afternoon for him.

Inside The Mall
Inside The Mall. Just a few storeys but it's a vast expanse. Initially I found it a bit daunting to explore, but fortunately it's actually laid out simpler than I anticipated. At least it's not a boring rectangular layout.

Natural Light
Natural Light. The place is reasonably bright. But its not just due to the lamps that light up the place. Illumination of the area is also courtesy of vast sky lights at the ceilings.

Corte De Las Palmas
Corte De Las Palmas. I tried exploring the mall. I think this area is a huge attraction to visitors who just want to relax in the fresh air. In fisheye and monochrome. The fisheye effect somewhat exaggerates the round layout of the place.

Abundant Greenery
Abundant Greenery. Without the monochrome filter one can see that here there's a lot of greenery. There's quite a lot of plants in the area, makes for a refreshing place to hangout in during not so sunny afternoons.

Overshadowing. I tried walking around some more to get as many angles of this place that I like. This was going to be a silhouette shot. But I'm impressed with the amount of detail recovered. It's because of shots like these that I'm glad that I shot using RAW.

Afternoon Stroll
Afternoon Stroll. Just one of the views I saw while strolling around the place. This is like one long wide open walkway with shops left and right. It's not the place to be when it's rainy or too sunny but it's perfect on overcast afternoon strolls and evening walks.

Mozzarella Sticks
Mozzarella Sticks. I wandered to this cafe in a book store. I thought that they were just serving coffee. Much to my surprise they are actually bigger than that. They have an impressive array of items in the menu, much more than the other coffee shops that I've been to. My particular favorite was this one. These are probably the best mozzarella sticks I ever tasted. Not to mention the generous serving. Mango shake was awesome too. They can be found here:

Inside Looking Out
Inside Looking Out. Right there at the cafe I picked me a spot right beside the window. It was looking out at the walkway outside and has a clear view of other shops as well. Along with that, I also have a great view. Some interesting people (read: pretty girls) passing by the window now and then.

The View Inside
The View Inside. The area isn't that big for a cafe, but it's fairly spacious and well thought of. The space can be full and not feel crowded. The glass panels complemented by the indoor lights provide more than adequate lighting without being too hot and come sunset, the warm lights take over. Not bad for a cafe in a book store.

The Menu
The Menu. They actually have an interesting menu. It is more extensive than I expected and the food they serve is quite diverse. I think I haven't even explored the tip of the iceberg on their menu, so this will not be my last visit. I plan on coming back.

For now excuse me while I enjoy my Mozzarella Sticks and Mango Shake while I enjoy the view outside. I'll rejoin you a bit later when I'm done with these delectable things.

Alternatively, you can join me when I revisit next time. I don't mind having a date every now and then. Catch ya later! ;)

(To be continued...)

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