Friday, July 31, 2015

Newport City Nights

This is like most nights I have here. But tonight I suppose I was a bit sentimental. Memories and all, coming back to me. All that and the view of the place I frequent in. From the serenity of my favorite tea place to the lively decorations and festivities all around.

This Spot
This Spot. This table has been particularly special to me. In it I held some not too recent memories that, let's just say, was among the happiest times I had. I was strolling around the place waiting for my dad and the next thing I knew I was back at this memorable place. This table, with its sublime view of the teas and pastries they have in their collection, and a view a also allows me an intimate view of whoever I'm fortunate to be with.

Newport City is a relatively small (okay, medium sized maybe.) mall integrated with Resorts World Manila. It features several shops, and restaurants in its four levels and a huge open space inside. It has a few cinemas and a theater for stage plays. It has generous integrated parking and when it's full there's no shortage of parking in the area. Among my favorite hangouts when I'm here would be TWG (pictured above, and the next couple of pictures). In the building is also my favorite barber shop. There are other restaurants here as well and I recommend giving all of them a try.

Empty Chairs
Empty Chairs. The neighboring table beside my spot is empty. On quiet afternoons this place gets relatively quiet and peaceful. Then again, this place mostly is, apart from loud guests that may visit it every now and then, perhaps. Though I don't believe that it'd happen very often. Sometimes, I'm the loud one. That's why I love it here.

Colorful Collections
Colorful Collections. Relatively plain colored, albeit classy furniture surrounded by colorful tin cans containing a vast collection of fine teas. This place is a tea drinker's heaven. Their pastries aren't so bad, either. Their Macaroons are a bit on the expensive side, but they do taste heavenly. Almost worth it if you can afford to splurge on it.

Random Moon Shot
Random Moon Shot. I went to the parking area and took a gander at the window. I saw this and I fancied trying out my rarely used Tele lens. At 150mm (300mm equivalent), I got this. It's not as close as I wanted it to be, but it's not practical to always lug around my 500mm nor the sublime 200mm f4 that weighed more than the camera itself.

It's A Plane!
It's A Plane! Inside the Newport City mall they were having some decorations set up. Interesting concept, to say the least, I wonder which single engine aircraft this was modeled from.

How's It Hanging?
How's It Hanging? Beside the plane they have this guy hanging there all day and night. If the cable or string that supports them breaks, I doubt that parachute will slow down its fall though. Lovely colors on it though. It'd look awesome contrasting to the blue sky, I'd wager.

Hang Glider
Hang Glider. As a kid, I always wondered what it's like to ride this. The closest I got to riding one was in video games. (Thank you Pilot Wings 64!) Apparently it's more sophisticated than it looks, as you'd need updrafts to keep you on air. Otherwise, it's just a slow descent to the ground... Or a quick fall if you don't know what you're doing.

The Pilot
The Pilot. I don't know what's the deal with this pilot. For some reason, Amelia Earhart or Charles Lindbergh comes to mind when I look at this pilot. But that's just me.

View From Below
View From Below. This is a view of the decorations from below. I was standing at the spot near the fountain when I took this. I like how vibrant the colors are here. I guess I've overdone it a bit in post process though. Note the balcony on the second floor (technically, third floor, as the level I'm standing on here is already the second floor).

Fountain In Blue
Fountain In Blue. This is the fountain. it gets all splashy but I guess I'm being reckless. I just set up a mini tripod and took a long exposure shot to get this. Alright, five seconds. Not that long. But it's really a long time if you're holding it. I made a few renders because I'm undecided which one I like the most. This one showcases the blue light and many other colors in the background.

Fountain Long Exposure
Fountain Long Exposure. Here's another shot I made. I like how bright and lovely this one is compared to the blue one. It has a yellowish tinge which not everyone may like, though. But that depends on who's viewing, really.

The Balcony View
The Balcony View. Remember the balcony earlier? This is the view from it. It has a clear view of the vast expanse below. It shows the floating decors and the fountain in the public area below, along with the interesting floor pattern on the floor. The roof above is also see through, which gives one a view of the sky above.

Indeed, it is a lovely place. Despite the casino integrated to the mall, I don't gamble. What draws me to come back are the attractions. Namely the cinemas and the food here. If you ever find me here, don't be too shy to say hello. Until then, let's get lost and wander! :)

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