Monday, August 31, 2015

Sunday At Silay City

View From My Seat
View From My Seat. I've chosen this table. To my left is the view of the counter top, and the darker area beyond was for the bar and more interesting (read: Alcoholic) drinks. Also there's a good view of the menu if I'm not contented with the one that's already on the table provided by the waiter.

It was a quiet Sunday afternoon. The family had no intention of going out to hang out so I decided to go catch up with my cousin. He knew a quiet place or two. I'm keen on having some pleasant surprises. And so off we go!

Small Exterior, Spacious Interior
Small Exterior, Spacious Interior. When we approached from the outside I thought it was just a quaint little cafe. Stepping in though, we found that the place looked fairly modern, and quite spacious. I think it can easily accommodate twenty-ish customers, maybe thirty tops. Note the highly visible menu.

No Guns
No Guns. So they explicitly state that no guns are allowed. There must still be quite a number of gun wielders around. I guess some folks still live in an older era when guns are still needed. Then again perhaps it's reasonable protection, considering that we're not exactly in the safest country ever.

Affordable Menu
Affordable Menu. The prices are reasonable and the menu was interesting for me... Maybe I should go for some Sisig next time. In case you haven't guessed the name of the place, it's B+C Breakfast Club, Bar and Coffee. Yes that explains the B+C print on the shelf.

More Affordable Stuff
More Affordable Stuff. It's amazing to me that this stuff is priced this way. I've spent the past decade or so in Manila, and everything there is fairly expensive. The price in this place though, is amazing. If this is in Manila this'll probably cost twice the price at least.

The Order Has Arrived
The Order Has Arrived. The waiter looks on from the counter as I take some shots of this interesting delicacy. Yes it looks like your common cheese burger with a side of fries.... But it's not that ordinary.

Chorizo Burger
Chorizo Burger. This looks fairly ordinary but the creativity is between the buns. Layered on top of the cheese is actually some seriously delicious chorizo. It's practically lean meat with hardly any discernible fatty taste content. This one actually hits the spot. And it's at an affordable price too.

My cousin and I finished our meal not too long after it was served. Quite a number of other guests arrived and it was getting a bit noisier. The night was still young and we felt that it was a bit too early to go home yet. And so off we go to another place. We went to another place that looked like it was ninety years ago.

Back To The Past
Back To The Past. Alright, not really. This place called Cafe 1925, has quite an old tavern feel to it. It's quite small a shop but the place actually has more to offer than its looks.

1925 In Black And White
1925 In Black And White. I suppose this is one of those times when I'm torn between contrast and color. The shots look fairly contrasty in this environment in black and white but the light has a unique mood to it that doesn't translate in monochrome. Oh well...

Drinking With Couz
Drinking With Couz. Our drinks came first. I ordered some coffee and they graciously provided us some water along with it. We were expecting a puny cup of coffee. The coffee we got was good for two. We were pleasantly surprised.

Pour Me Some
Pour Me Some. My cousin pouring in the good stuff. It's brewed coffee by the way. For something like thirty-five Philippine pesos we got us a serving of awesome brewed coffee.... For two.

Cellphone, Chat, Creamer, Coffee
Cellphone, Chat, Creamer, Coffee. Well, close enough. instead of a creamer, it came with condensed milk. It lends to an old school feel compared to a boring powdered coffee creamer (shout out to coffee mate!) It would've been perfect if they had Muscovado but brown sugar was decent nonetheless. Then again, I skipped sugar altogether. The condensed milk gave the sweetness I needed.

My Accomplice Tonight
My Accomplice Tonight. Having lots to chatter about with my cousin here, until the pasta has arrived. We didn't expect that we'd have this much food. It was actually plenty. In focus here is the Spicy Garlic pasta. I'm pleased that it's indeed spicy. Well, not as hot as I wanted it to be, but still acceptably hot. At least I somehow tasted that it's spicy.

Coffee While Pigging Out
Coffee While Pigging Out. Apart from the pasta we had garlic and mushrooms, spicy cheese sticks, fish balls and squid balls. And yes, all of it disappears.... Okay, maybe except that brown sugar.

Big Mug
Big Mug. This coffee/tea maker makes enough for two. This one fairly hit the spot too. I slept around two or three in the morning later after drinking the good stuff. It also helped in keeping me alert in the journey home.

The Disappearance Of All The Food
The Disappearance Of All The Food. We had a good time chatting the night away. And the next thing we know, our table was full of empty plates. Probably the only thing on the table that survived was that small cup of sugar.

Laugh It Off
Laugh It Off. Despite the suddenly empty plates, it didn't bother us. We both know that we (read: he. I won't admit to this. LOL) ate it all. Okay, so I dispatched the mushrooms and he got rid of the fish balls... All in all, it was a great night. We went home with full bellies and smiling faces. It was a good night.

I am not in any way connected with Cafe 1925 nor B+C Breakfast Club, Bar And Coffee, nor am I getting anything from this. Contents of this post are merely my personal opinion and I don't get any payment from this. If you're interested in finding out more about these awesome places feel free too check their pages embedded in the links.

Until then, let's get lost and wander! :)

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