Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Failed Errand, No Problem

It was the start of October and I was going to go and have the car serviced. Sadly, they're unable to accomodate me so they had me reschedule instead. It was an afternoon too lovely to go home early. I went back to Alabang Town Center. It’s been a while since I’ve last been there.

Rocking Benches
Rocking Benches. I like how innovative this is. It’s a lovechild of your run of the mill bench and rocking chair. And they mixed in a dash of Kit-Kat. It’s the first time I saw a furniture of its kind and it naturally blends in with the surroundings. No awkward looking furniture sticking like a sore thumb here. But I think it’s mean for couples. Or folks with extra girth maybe? (Ehem. Namely yours truly.)

ATC Steps In Color
ATC Steps In Color. It was a beautiful afternoon. Not too bright, not to sunny, the crowds aren't that plenty.

More Kit-kat Benches
More Kit-kat Benches. Them cool benches aren’t in short supply around the area. I’ve seen quite a number of them around. There is a lot of open space here and it feels relaxing to be here. maybe that's why I keep coming back here. Probably the only stifling part of going here would be the toll that needs to be paid on the Skyway.

Exhibits. Everytime I go here the place never looks the same. For this iteration, I encountered some photography exhibit.

Free Workshops!
Free Workshops! Yes there’s a photography workshop here. Too bad I was a tad too tired to digest anything new and I was a bit drained… And hungry. Any other time I would’ve stopped and listened, but not today.

That Open Space
That Open Space. It was early in the day so it wasn’t crowded. I always like this spot in the entire mall de to the greens and open space. It doesn’t feel as stifling.

The Open Space In Color
The Open Space In Color. The monochrome just doesn’t do justice to the trees, grass and other shrubbery. So I originally just take RAW images and process them to later. This also gives me the option to create images in color. I’m also trying out film simulations, so yes, some colors may appear a tad strange to others.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Beef
I Can’t Believe It’s Not Beef. It’s Tuna Salpicao. Tuna! (Tuna Salpi-tuna?) It’s so original to me. Salpicao has always been beef to me and I refer to it as “Salpi-cow". I have no beef with this particular dish. It’s decent, good even for what it’s supposed to be, but personally, I still prefer the original.

Cheese Dynamite
Cheese Dynamite. No it’s not made of anything that literally explodes. It’s supposed to convey that it’s hot and spicy… And cheesy. The cheese is there, and it’s probably spicy enough for most people… I haven’t been able to appreciate it. But for my tastes it wasn’t spicy enough. Still yummy finger food though.

The Rice Of The Harakiri
The Rice Of The Harakiri. Okay, nobody’s going to get disemboweled. Again this also implies spicy food. And that piece of chilli on top is a less than subtle hint. It’s obviously not there to just look pretty. Chop it up and mix with your rice and you’re up for a normal person’s spicy treat. Spicy food enthusiasts may be left a bit less than impressed.

Free Tea For Me
Free Tea For Me. Through a purchased loyalty card, one gets perks apart from a twenty percent discount, namely this complimentary tea... And even more discounts if you brought the discount coupon that came with the card.

Vacant Chairs
Vacant Chairs. It wasn’t really lunch time yet, so it’s almost empty. Just a few folks dining here and there- just the way I like it.

Homburg. My frequent companion when I’m wandering: My hat. So far I’ve collected a number of them. Folks refer to it as “Bruno Mars hat” but those that are familiar with it refer to it as the Homburg hat. Then again some websites also refer to it as a fedora. I like the uniqueness of this that sets it apart from the usual baseball cap.

It's not everyday that I get to wander these days. So I sneak a chance whenever I can. Usually on weekends. Also, I started fiddling with cinemagraphs... I'm yet to find a free tool for it though. The professional tools like one below costs money. I got to use it but it costs to have one with no watermark. See below what a bottomless glass of tea looks like.

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