Saturday, December 12, 2015

December Nights In Ayala

It was a quiet night. I thought I’d go out and enjoy the lights. It doesn’t have to be a dark and gloomy night. There are lights everywhere cheerful and sparkling making it alright.

Lights All Around
Lights All Around. Visitors look on admiring the season themed lights, like the local shop customers and the tourists taking a stroll.

Brightly Lighted Trees
Brightly Lighted Trees. The night looks lovely and lively with lights aplenty adorning the trunks of the trees in the local landscape. If it were up to me I’d have them there all year.

A Tree Amid The Urban Jungle
A Tree Amid The Urban Jungle. This tree that stands in the greenbelt area looks taller than it actually is. In the backdrop, the urban jungle with buildings towering to great heights. The illumination here is courtesy of the lightbulb adorned palm trees in the vicinity.

Towers Of Lights
Towers Of Lights. I got to a spot a bit far from the lights, and sat among the folks admiring this sight. On some days, the spot I sat on would’ve been a stage. But for tonight it’s my vantage point that gave me this view.

Lighted Disks
Lighted Disks. After that time at the mall, I went to the local park. My friend and I hung out at the coffee shop (CBTL) and I got to see these lovely disc-themed lights.

The Lights Beyond
The Lights Beyond. It was a dark moonless night but I still managed to light up the image. I like how blue the skies get at night. It's a darker shade of blue. Details are brought out and illuminated by the lights from the surrounding area.

Colorless But Not Lifeless
Colorless But Not Lifeless. Even in the absence of different hues, it still makes for a lively night. A giveaway that it was the middle of the night was the fact that there was hardly anyone on sight.

What have you been up to to enjoy your evenings in December?

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