Thursday, January 14, 2016

December Weekend Walks

December weekends I had the time to walk some more and explore the area near the office. I was on call, since the office was more conducive for work, I decided to just set up there and in the event I’m called I’m just a few minutes away. Better than staying at home I think.

Glowing Lanterns
Glowing Lanterns. These lanterns are among the numerous light sources providing illumination at a local Japanese restaurant I frequent in.

Within Reach
Within Reach. I usually pick a couch in a corner or beside a wall. I like how some restaurants have the utensils anr condiments within arms length. No need to bother the staff any more than I have to.

Inner Glow
Inner Glow. Providing the glow in each of those floating orb lanterns is a relatively small light bulb. The relatively huge lantern diffuses the light providing a gentle glow, in contrast to harsh lighting from the bulb alone.

Christmas Season
Christmas Season. The place is full of decorations like this one… If this is too subtle there’s a christmas tree towering at the building lobby.

Meal Completion
Meal Completion. There’s this place where I like to eat called Recovery Food. They serve reasonably affordable food that's decent on the taste. My favorite part: All the Sriracha you can consume until your mouth burns. There are other condiments if you're not into that. 

Cups and Mugs
Cups and Mugs. Although I’m primarily a Starbucks person, I like other coffee places too. Branded mugs and disposable cups stand or stack upside down ready to be used to serve the hot and cold drinks. I wonder what I’ll have tonight.

Top Two Leaves
Top Two Leaves. Apparently this is how they make their finest teas. Would leaves from the lower parts taste any less desirable?

Bicycle. Rows of bicycles for rent secured on their respective racks. This is a creative way to get around the city. A cool way to reduce pollution I think.

You And Your Cargo
You And Your Cargo. I like how the folks behind this system have thoughtfully included a basket where riders can put the things they carry. I just hope the streets get bike friendly for riders as well. There's a compelling need for more bike lanes for this project to pick up.

Not Your BMX
Not Your BMX. Color coded and properly labelled. The bike frame is designed for easy riding I think, notice how it's curved to allow riders an easier time to get on and get off. The green colored guards also provide some protection from loose clothing snagging on the wheels. Nobody wants having dirt, grease or unwanted tears due to snags on their pantaloons. Sadly for BMX enthusiasts, this one's not meant for one to do tricks on.

And so this ends yet another entry. Coming soon, I stumble upon new places where I've never been before. Also, notice that my entries are taken from last year. My first big adventure for the year is yet to come, and it's coming very, very soon. I'll send out updates and previews on Instagram, so stay tuned. Until then, let's get lost and wander! :)

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