Thursday, January 7, 2016

My Barista Friends

This album goes out to the friends I've made from all the coffee I've been drinking. This list doesn't show everyone of them though. These folks help cheer me up throughout the day. Yes I drink so much coffee that I made friends with numerous baristas. Some of them even know what I'll have on sight.

Behind The Counter
Behind The Counter. Walk to the counter and you’ll see some thing like this. This lovely lady, like her friends make great coffee.

Ayen. This lovely lady is among the few of the baristas I made friends with for the past year or so. Yes, I drink so much coffee that I made friends with baristas.

Smiles Everywhere
Smiles Everywhere. I’m no expert in HR and psychology stuff, but this sure looks like a happy workplace. Genuine smiles and grins from these folks that I’ve made friends with. We see here Airah returning to her post after her break (if I recall it correctly).

I See You
I See You. Airah here (foreground) sees me sneak a picture of her while Iah is talking to her (background). Well, they’re all gracious enough to let me take more pictures.

Pose for A Smile
Pose for A Smile. It wasn’t too busy a day, these lovely ladies gladly posed for a shot or two.

Iah. This petite cutie here was the one who introduced me to my now favorite drink: White Mocha Americano No Water With Half and Half… Appropriately referred to as the Barista Drink.

I have a few more pictures here. Until then, let's get lost and wander!

Many thanks to my friends at Starbucks Crescent Park for kindly letting me post their faces here. :)

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