Sunday, February 28, 2016

Around California

We came here for work. I managed to somehow steal some snaps along the way especially outside work. I tend to forget my photographic side when at the office due to immense tasks we tackle day in and day out. This album has some shots I have taken outside the office, during the weekend before work, or on some nights after working.

Light Through The Clouds

Office Building

By night time we went to this place called Red Ribbon-- I mean, Red Robin. They sure do how to make good food. Unlimited fries and a hefty serving of burger. It's about as American as it gets... 

Comical Chandelier

Picture Frames On The... Ceiling?

Where's the wall?

How we spent Sunday Morning- Shopping! We went to buy some winter wear, in preparation for the weather in Nashville. Disappointingly, though, we weren't destined to frolic in the snow. At least not on this trip.

At Hillsdale Mall

St. Francis on Horseback


Indoor Palm Trees

Sky Light

Two Chairs

Jeans Lounge

Ladies Wear On Display

Men's Wear On Display

View While Waiting

Studio Lights?

Cylindrical Chandeliers

Random road trips. The boss went to pick up stuff that night in San Jose. Errand for him, Road trip for the rest of us. Nothing like seeing the random sights! Yes, even at night.

Night At San Jose

Picking Up Items

By The Pool

And just like that Sunday was over. On to the work week... Though we came to work relatively late on Monday (We still didn't have the proper access to the facility so we'd end up waiting at the doorstep until 8AM if we came in early.) the following days were a different story. Below is a picture I managed to snap going to work. The office facility was just over the bridge. Coming to work before sunrise meant cold morning walks, which I personally didn't mind.

Morning Walk To Work

The Fish Market


Pictures All Around


Oyster Bar

Spicy Calamari

Next up, We're going to have a glimpse of where we stayed. It wasn't really that high end, but I like the way it was set up. Until then, let's get lost and wander!

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