Thursday, February 18, 2016

Last Leg: LAX to SFO

At last we're back in USA. But we can't settle down just yet. We're not where we want to be. We landed in LAX (LA International Airport) and gone through customs. Predictably, I don't have pictures of those. Folks are pretty paranoid about it for "security reasons". Personally I like SFO better than LAX. Need to have a short break first. And lunch as well. After that, we hit the flight to where we want to be: SFO (San Francisco International Airport). It takes us the better part of the day.
Please excuse the captions, they take a bit of time to load. You can view the complete slide show at the end of the entry.

Filling Station

Foreign Yet Familiar

Waiting And Checking

Power Supply

Sky Dome

Big Clear Labels

View From My Window Seat

Ride To SFO

Hello San Mateo!

I usually enjoy flights... But flights on this plane, not so much. I despise the discomfort and the mind numbing noise here. Unfortunately, this isn't the last of it. It's fine though, there are better things to look forward to.

Conveyor Belt 15

Waiting For The Train

Carrier Has Arrived

Deep Quote Here

Boeing 777-300ER


Minding The Bags

Our Ride For The Week

The pictures above were just some of the stuff I've seen below is the slide show for the whole album.

Last Leg: LAX to SFO

Next time: Sights around San Mateo. Some sights while going around here and there.

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