Friday, March 18, 2016

Travelling By Plane

While I like travelling in general, especially when the mood hits me, travelling domestic in the US has become a nightmare for me. I'd not generalize though. It's a given that delays are inevitable. I usually won't mind it. It all becomes an ordeal when it means missing the next flight. I have visited Atlanta, GA. I was there... For around half an hour. Running like hell transferring from one terminal to another fearing I'd miss the next flight. It's not something that one easily forgets.

Split Scimitar Winglet

From Atlanta To Nashville

Boeing 717

Big Hole

Boeing 767

More Boeings - In Japan!

Consider this just a quick update. Next up, we're gonna hit downtown Nashville! It is actually a charming place and I loved it! Until then, let's get lost and wander! ;) 

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