Monday, April 4, 2016

Dinner With Office Folks

While we didn't have exactly the time to go wander around Nashville during working days, on our last two nights before flying back we got treated to some awesome eats by one our bosses there. It was actually amazing each night. On the first night we went to this Bar/Restaurant/Brewery called Fat Bottom. Apart from the awesome food, it had great music. On the following night, I forgot to take note the name of the other restaurant. It was a fine dining place, and food was great too.

I did mention previously that we were going home.  But our visit here wasn't going to end without any going away gathering.

Going There

Walking In

Open Courtyard

No Alcohol Beyond This Point

Inside The Restaurant

The First Of Many

Plate of Peppers

Felafel Balls


Something Liver

Chicken Tacos

Singing Duo

Caged Lights

More Singers

Final Set

The Grinder

Cans Among Tanks

Old School Chandelier

Gourmet Aplenty

The Exit Beyond

Bars, Tables And Chairs

Not too long after our night ends. All of us happy and grateful for the lovely meal and the successful trip overall. We didn't stay out too late, as we still had to finalize packing our things, and we had to leave early in the morning. While the trip back was uneventful, it didn't mean that it wasn't going to be interesting... Until next time! :)

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