Sunday, April 3, 2016

Downtown Nashville Nights

While I enjoyed walking around Nashville in the day,  the nights there were no less lively, festive and colorful. It's not exactly Las Vegas, but nonetheless the lights are bright with a crowd that's plenty. It's nothing like a sleepy town I initially thought it'd be. As far as interesting places go, it's as fun as any.

Golden Statue

Symphony Center Entrance

Dancing Among The Lights

Broadway At Night

Snow. Sort Of.

Elvis In Nashville

Jack Daniel's

Jack Daniel's Store

Vroom Vroom

Modern Vs. Traditional

One Way

Between Branches

Fall In Line

Cheese Balls

Party At Every Window

News Van

Couple Close Up

Country Music Hall Of Fame



This concludes my antics in Nashville. We inevitably needed to go home. But that doesn't necessarily mean that it's going to be boring. It wasn't too uneventful, but hey still it was fun for me. Until next time! No, can't afford to get lost during international travel. LOL But hey there's something interesting in there.

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