Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Unwinding Back Home

Not too long ago, I had the chance to take a short vacation and spent some time back home at Bacolod City. Then again it was really due to some errands. I got to spend the weekend with the family though, so it wasn't too bad despite the nasty humidity and heat that makes one feel like being baked when stepping out of air conditioned rooms. Not too many photos though. Terrible heat and some creeping sick feeling means not too much action. I still managed to take some random pictures though.

First Meal Back Home

The Great Momoy

Chill Time

If I'm not at home playing with the dog, I'm out on an errand with my brother, or dining out with dad. We got to revisit an old favorite hangout... 

Japanese Nostalgia


Bamboo Leaves

Apart from old hangouts, my brother also showed me around and found some other interesting places, like this one.


Behind Slats

Squid Carbonara


French Onion Soup

Shades Along The Walkway

Playground At Noon

Before going back to Manila though, the family still prefers tried and tested places that we know we like. Like at a local chicken place favorite...


Cracked Tile

Before finally leaving for Manila, I wouldn't forget to say goobye to Momoy. I always have fun spending time with this adorable runt.

Purple Tie

Sun's Out, Tongue Out

Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle

Rub That Fur

While waiting for our flight at the airport, I bumped into a familiar face. While I'd like to say I've epic skills chatting up with strangers, that's not the case...  

Hello, Stranger

Random Portrait

And so I' fly back to Manila and back to reality yet again. More stories soon. Until then, let's get lost and wander! :)

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