Saturday, May 21, 2016

Grainy And Gritty

Maybe it's some petty fear of missing out, but despite the appeal of black and white, I still take pictures in color. Black and white, however, appeals to me enough for me to bother converting and tweaking in post.

Mall Skylight

I had the chance to have lunch with family, and had the chance to bring along my Penny mounted with this amazing yet relatively cheap bodycap lens. It's fairly ideal for going light, and for taking monochromes. I always had a soft spot for monochromes, I got to indulge in it on this set.

 Drink For Lunch

Wine In Cabinets

Octopus Chandelier

Cheese,  Nuts And Bread

Gambas Al Ajillo

Pulpo ala Gallega

Among Wines

To those possibly curious, this is how the bodycap looks like. It's practically a toy lens to many, given an image quality that's not on par with"proper" lenses. However, I can't deny it's fun to use.

Until then, don't let getting lost scare you from going out to wander! :)

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