Saturday, June 25, 2016

Strolling Around BGC

Pictures from last year (2015), given different post processing treatments. These were either from weekends when I was on call, all while having bad Internet connection, or on idle weekends when I felt like taking afternoon and evening strolls. Yes, I don't really wander too far at times, but I still wander here and there. Don't be shy to say hi if you find me.

Teriyaki Boy

Don't forget to let the captions load. Those may take a while on slow Internet connections.
Order Slips

Open Space

Burgis Circle

Starbucks Crescent Park

High Street

Afternoon Stroll

Pushing Daisies

Magic Carpet?


Random Assortments


Space Biker?

Wall Bicycle

Seeing Blue

Jump Shot!

They See Me Rolling

Texting While Rolling

Little Boss


Which Order For Who

Orange Light

Sketched Circles

Mirrored Lights

Step On It

Ladies In Blue

Circle Swirls

Seeing Circles

Floating Bowls


Sweetness Overloaded

Post Ball Cap

A Closer Look

BGC Is Photo Friendly

As one may notice, the subjects appear pretty random. These were all taken from several weekends spanning different weeks. So where have you been wandering lately?

Until then, don't let getting lost scare you from going out to wander! :)

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