Friday, July 29, 2016

2014 Back To Reality Via Taiwan - Revisited

A revisit to that time when I partook in a journey to escape a bleak daily reality. It was when I left my old bland self, albeit temporarily. And on my way to a world that's surreal I took a stop at somewhere that is both surreal and quite strange.

Modern Architecture

I've seen wonders in Taiwan. And I didn't even have to leave the airport for it. To me it was quite a treat, and truly was beautiful!

Big Indoor Planter Box

Beach In The Airport?

Vast Hallways

Meal Break

What To Order

Cute Lanterns

Indoor Garden

Plant Images And In The Leaf

Forest Ecology Of Taiwan

Forest Exhibit

Which Gundam?

Human Sized

C7 Waiting Area

Mailbox Exhibits

Mailboxes in History

Couch And Exhibits

Stores And Facilities

Terminal 2 3F Guide

Painting Exhibits

More Paintings

Gallery At The  Airport?

Artsy Walls

Old Things

Old Meets New

Surrounded by Books

Waiting Rooms

Sparsely Populated


Chinese Exhibit

Quiet Corner

Reading Area

Quiet Corner

Flight To Manila

Books Or The View?

Bibliophile's Delight

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Until then, don't let getting lost scare you from going out to wander!

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