Monday, August 8, 2016

Rainy Day Roadtrip

It was a weekend, I had plans to attend a birthday celebration. Attending a birthday in Tagaytay was potentially jeopardized by inclement weather, but by some fortune, the weather seems to have cleared up enough for me to go there. Going there was relatively uneventful (Which for me, means not too many things went awry), but the view was breathtaking, even surreal as it was in a different weather condition.

Rainy Afternoon

This one's taken from the place. I've never been here while it was heavily raining. I think it's really surreal. I stayed mostly indoors, but I still had a really good view.

Uneven Chandelier

Inclement Weather


Tonight's Dinner

Candle Light Dinner

Veggies On Pizza

Dine With Wine

Random Flowers

Classy Stairs

Foggy Morning

Morning Stroll

Grainy Film

Fogged View

Viewing Deck Edge

Past The Fog

Gloomy Stairs

Foggy Deck

Viewing Bench

Lifting Fog

Lone Telescope

Walk In The Park

Taking Pictures

Tough Bench

Obscured Roofline

Foggy Lawn

Lone Bench

Foggy Viewing Deck

Fancy Chandelier

Empty Cup



Late Morning At Taal

Textured Skies

I must say, it's indeed quite a lovely place. If I yearn for a jaunt that lasts a day if not a bit longer, this would be the jaunt I'd usually partake. I've been in Tagaytay a few times, but it hasn't gotten this interesting. Inevitably, I'd come back, to explore the beauty of everything about it. There's more about this place I've yet to see, and I look forward to finding it.

Until then, don't let the fear of getting lost stop you from going out to wander!

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