Thursday, September 15, 2016

Going Home - Taxi Ride To the Airport

Time surely is fleeting when you're having fun. While not everyone may agree considering that we didn't exactly go to the usual tourist attractions, I still think it was awesome that we got to see a piece of Hong Kong. Just like that it was time to go home. We checked out at the hotel and grabbed a ride to the airport.

Incoming Guests

Short but sweet, here are some sights we saw along the way...

Flag Down

Our Driver

I wish the Philippines had rules like this below:

Seatbelt Reminders

Window Textured Buildings


One of the coolest cars I've seen in Hong Kong. It's perfectly nimble too!

The Green Mini

Roadside Construction

This little guy overtakes us and makes it look easy.

The Overtake

Turn On Radio

Down The Tunnel

The Philippines should properly take notes in how to implement tunnels properly.

Undersea Tunnel

Carved From The Hillside


Airport Dropoff

It was amusing how the taxi driver couldn't speak English, but got us to the airport nonetheless. I caught some interesting sights along the way. I will miss this place. And yes, I will definitely come back... Probably after Singapore. It's definitely in the bucket list.

Next up, I'd get to explore the vast engineering marvel that is the Hong Kong International Airport. Until then, don't let the fear of getting lost deter you from going out to wander. More to come soon. :)