Thursday, September 29, 2016

Monochrome Terminal

"Monochrome" and "Terminal" paints a different picture that comes to mind to IT folks. It reminds us of green/gray text on black computer screens from days of old. It's also rather similar to Photography. Before pictures came in color, a lot were in monochrome (black and white commonly, but it also came in sepia, among others). The difference is, though, monochrome persisted.


Monochrome has always been a fascination of mine. In this age of overwhelming bleeding edge technology where newer technologies lead to more vibrant colors, I tend to step back every now and then to regress to basic black and white, and all of the two hundred fifty-four shades in between that my camera can muster. Though I imagine it'll be much fewer shades than that due to the mixing I do for contrast.

I had the chance to play with it when we traveled to Hong Kong. I had the time and luxury to experiment so I rendered some images in monochrome. More of the tones and textures here...

Checking In

No Excess Weight

Coffee Place

Sunset Lit Halls

Push Cart In The Airport

Manning The Counter

Exhibits Inside


Airbus A340

Rushing To The Flight


Push Together

Push Or Pull?



Ad Lighted Area

Ceiling Triangles

Don't Look Only At Your Mobile Phone

Where Are You Heading?

Flight Attendant

Buying Drinks

Plain Or Patterened?

Glass Meets Metal

Hidden Catwalk

Monochrome has an appeal that stays with me. Despite the absence of color, it still manages to make an impact to me. 

Though I concede that it's more challenging to employ than colored images for food photography, for other genre it still does well to be as appealing, if not even be more appealing. Perhaps it's just my peculiarity, but I reckon I'd not lose interest anytime soon. 

Until then, don't let the fear of getting lost deter you from going out to wander. :)

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