Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fiddling With Film And The Cameras That Use Them

"Film is not dead." says a local online seller here in Metro Manila. I can't help but agree. Though no longer as prevalent as it once was, it's still alive and kicking. The resurgence and reintroduction of some film brands may just prove that it's not all curtains yet. I'd like to believe, there's life in film yet. There's something about prints that you hold on your hand that makes it feel special compared to just watching it on a screen. It's relatively pricey, but that does encourage one to take the level of pictures you take up a notch. When was the last time you shot a picture that's a bit more meaningful than some random selfie?

Folks at Film-Folk (er, pun not intended?) have a vast array of collection if you're curious.
Buying online is encouraged as it's at a good price.
For the hands on experience, they have their wares on display at Satchmi SM Megamall

One can argue that digital images can be printed... But let's be honest here- it's only something done by a few dedicated to the craft. Shooting film compels one to have it developed, and it's not a complete experience without getting your hands on the prints at the end. Yes, I am raving about outdated technology. Maybe I'm also just romanticizing an era far gone. It's fortunate for me though, that reliving that time isn't necessarily beyond reach. I got my hands on a couple of film cameras. And after a few rolls, I must say it's one lovely nostalgia trip.