Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The Way Back - Narita Layover

While Nashville was fun, warm and welcoming, we inevitably had to leave. On one chilly Friday morning, we met up at the hotel lobby and embarked on our journey back to Manila. We flew to Atlanta, and almost missed our flight to Japan. The flight to Japan has been long and unforgiving. We've had some respite when we touched down in Narita. From there, we had some time to unwind a bit before our flight to Manila. I thought it'd be an opportunity to look around the airport.

Vending Machines


Information Counter

Sky Light

In A Rush

Lining Up To  Order

What Will You Have?


Mt. Fuji

On The Lookout

See The Signs

Waiting For The Flight

Sorry For The Delays

Tired And Weary

Gate Numbers

Sorting Receipts

Interesting Stranger

Picture  With A Stranger

Boarding Time

Flight back to Manila has been uneventful after that. As of writing, Abbie has already completed her volunteer work and went back to the USA. This concludes my adventure - for now. It has been quite a trip, really. With some fatigue and satisfaction, I went home. I wonder, next time where'd I get lost in and wander... Who knows. But I'm sure it'd be interesting.

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