Saturday, May 7, 2016

More Baritas

This would be the sequel I think. The previous set can be found here. I love drinking decent coffee so much that I made friends with quite a number of these warm, hard working and patient folks. Being a Barista is a bit of both mastery of coffee and good public relations I think. Mind you it can get stressful. Especially on days when customers like me tend to get extra annoying. The next time you enjoy your cup of coffee, spare a thought for these hardworking yet still cheerful folks. 

What's My Favorite Drink?

Shang And Sugar

Behind The Counter

Confident Smile

Here Ya Go

What's My Name?

Quiet Cool

Behind The Counter



The 3AM Crowd

Starbucks Bonifacio Stopover

Cheers All Over

Once again, I had a great time during these weekend nights. I've enjoyed drinking coffee a lot and it doesn't look like I'll quit anytime soon. It will always be something I drink, albeit in different forms. Overtime I've made friends with a number of Baristas from this habit, and hopefully make more friends. Whether I admit it or not, talking to one will always be a part of my day. So why not get all friendly? I've always enjoyed the usual drink, being both tasty and potent. I swear by it and it won't change anytime soon. Feel free to say hi if you catch me drinking coffee in real life. Maybe we can hang out and chat a bit over a cup of java? (Uh no, this isn't a networking offer. Not gonna recruit you to anything.) Until then, don't let getting lost scare you from going out to wander! :)

My gratitude to the awesome baristas for letting me take their pictures and share them here.

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